Cash Flow Guaranteed For Plant Hire

Plant Hire Companies Use Invoice Finance

Debtor and invoice finance is a staple of the plant hire industry which is renowned for lumpy cash flow.

A good example is a WA based crane hire company which found itself in need of strong financial support when it experienced a 300% growth in operation in just 12 months.


It’s customers were demanding more cranes, but supplying them required capital expenditure which would seriously jeopardize the firm’s cash flow.

By using debtor finance the company was able to cope with the turbulence threatened by this rapid growth.


The owners could invest in the expensive cranes when required comforted by the knowledge that their daily cash flow was guaranteed by the finance company.


In two years, the hire company increased its turnover fivefold and is now a major force in the WA goldfields.

This success story was sourced from the Debtor and Invoice Finance Association of Australia which is the peak body representing debtor and invoice finance providers in Australia.

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