Classic Funding Group Keeping It Quiet

Classic Funding Group is on a winner by promising  that all client facilities are confidential.

Classic Funding Group's Confidential Invoice Factoring

Many businesses fear their customers will lose confidence in them if their financing arrangements are disclosed.

The promise of privacy therefore, makes the group’s confidential debtor finance facility an attractive proposition.

That,  and the integration of its debtor finance facility with equipment finance,  will encourage companies, or their brokers to take a second look at this non-bank financier.

Classic Funding Group Logo

The Classic Funding Group brand is relatively new.  It was established in Sydney in 2013 through the marriage of The Leasing Centre (TLC) and GPAC Finance. The union gave birth to a debtor finance product heralding expansion into Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

The confidential debtor finance facility offers advances of up to 85% of invoice value with no property security.

Clients must have a minimum turnover of $1,000,000 annually and a good spread of customers that are all business to business sales.

Classic Funding also gives its debtor finance customers  automatic approval for up to $50,000 in equipment finance in most instances

If a business needs a new piece of machinery or a vehicle it’s a way to short circuit the hunt for extra funds.  It’s an astute initiative for a financier wishing to hold on to its clients.

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