Top 10 Deadbeat Debtor Excuses

Liar LiarDebtors can come up with some pretty creative excuses when explaining why they haven’t paid a bill.

These are my favourites from a list of 101 whoppers collected by an answering service in the U.S.

  1. My wife is in the loony bin, I have no money, and no one will buy the boat I own with two other people! But, even if I sell the boat my third is only $100 which is only 1/10 of what I owe you….
  2. I have better things to do than pay my debts.
  3. I would love to pay the bill, but I don’t want to!
  4. 4. You want money? Yeah, and the people in hell want ice water too.

  5. My mother’s cheque bounced. How can I pay you. I have no money!!!!
  6. I’m bankrupt, so I’ll just call my lawyer and have him add you to the list.
  7. 7. I went to have my palm read and the lady said I had a very short life line. I figured I’m going to die very soon, so why bother.

  8. You’re looking for payment of a July invoice? (gails of laughter) We’re just starting to pay last December’s invoices.
  9. I have just been shot by an intruder. I am losing blood quickly. Can you call back later?
  10. I’m behind?!?! ..Well, why didn’t you call sooner?!?!

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